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 NDY Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in the early twentieth century, the company focused on adhesives chemical industry, with a number of international patent, is a collection development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

Ni Diya Chemical Co., Ltd. uphold the people-centered concept, the production of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless adhesive suitable for bra, bags, textile fabrics, sponge products, leather, automotive, electronics, furniture, construction and other fields.

Today, the green economy is more concrete form in front of people, with the advent of the age of green economics and green development of awareness of Chinese enterprises are awakening. At this time, Ni Diya chemical guide green economy in Europe for many years, first proposed green plastic underwear is the best proof, it is worth other companies to follow, which will also promote China's green economy into the practical stage of development.

People-oriented, is NDY Chemical Co. product development and marketing to uphold the concept of production of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless adhesives used in bras, bags, textile fabrics, sponge products and other fields, has been a well-known brands of European countries, adhesives is the world market leader in the field. Ni Diya environmental indicators better than the national environmental labeling product testing standards, all products are detected by the EU ROHS / SGS environmental directives.

China's green economy has entered a substantive stage of development, are in a more concrete form in front of people, and gradually become the primary standard market measure brand quality, with the advent of the age of green economics and green development of awareness of Chinese enterprises are awakening. At this time, Mr. Huang Wenjie, general manager of MUKANG Decoration Materials Co. pioneers, upgrade product quality in their areas of focus for many years.

"Proportion of small, relatively large volume, wide spray area. Due to the high solids content, viscosity and strong, just spray a thin layer and spray evenly, you can achieve adhesion requirements using our products, than the market similar products Province glue up to about 10%, the cost can be greatly reduced. "provincial gum is an excellent characteristic NDY underwear special glue.

Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Mr. Huang Wenjie, general manager of MUKANG said that in the era of mass production and high-tech equipment specializing in the production, resource and cost savings are a strong guarantee to win the market, improve product quality NDY in quality, commitment to high technology research and development, and actively used in the production of the times, innovation. Switzerland NDY underwear special glue ADHESIVE ND-8816 product, is a quick-drying one-component adhesives can be restored, with a soft texture, high bond strength, easy to use features. Widely used in sponge, bonded textile fabrics, especially for bras for setting effect on bras making remarkable.

Underwear special glue ADHESIVE ND-8816 Seamless pattern applied to the chest, shaping bras, frilly, edge processing, bonding flank, to no wrinkles, seamless lines, reducing friction with the user, soft quality materials, increase flexibility , smooth body contours, with "environmentally friendly, odorless, non-toxic, nano-technology, strong stick, high temperature, anti-aging, the provincial plastic" products such as the eight outstanding quality.

Ni Diya promote the development of "seamless underwear Glue" series formula, does not contain toluene solvent, non-toxic environment, toxic and harmful overcome market existing products, high production costs, long drying time and other shortcomings, so that the majority of manufacturers and employees to get rid of trapped in the strong long-term health problems such as odor stimuli; a stick of strong, normal operation will not open plastic, degumming strong adhesive characteristics, due to the high solid content, superior product anti-aging properties, in a variety of harsh environments excellence such as high temperature, corrosive environment, etc., most of the products sticky duration up to 5 years.




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