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FOSHAN  MUKANG DECORATION MATERIAL CO.LTD. is the pursuit ofhigh-quality, high quality products, every member of the pursuit of the goal is Foshan Mu Kang decoration material Co., Ltd.,has high quality, can use Shuxin, with the rest assured.

FOSHAN  MUKANG DECORATION MATERIAL CO.LTD. production of "environment-friendly glue" pay attention to employee health,people-oriented, in line with the state GB 18583-2008RoHS2002/95/EC standard limit of harmful substances, the product of small taste, glue content high, uniform spraying.

The product features:

1, simple operation, convenient, time-saving and labor-saving,environmental protection rubber, improve efficiency and cost savings;

2, ordinary spray painting, and traditional manual brushingoperation compared to more quickly, and the glue drying time,bonding in 1-2 minutes, greatly improves the work efficiency,and "sub Mody Caledonia plastic (Bai Rujiao)" in the sprayingwhen there will be flying silk, and fog, especially in winter and airrelative humidity season long time airing even heating and drying can be bonded, an operator only needs to normal use.

Scope of application:

This product is widely used in leather, thick skin, cloth, leathersofa, chair, high-grade car cushion, qualitative screen,mattresses and higher requirements for furniture manufacturing industry, the advertising industry, the adhesive is suitable forhigh-grade between qualitative sponge, wood, cloth, leather,paper, metal and other materials.


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